Jane Lloyd Francis

Producer | Performer | Collaborator | Artist
I have lived in Wales for most of my life. I am deeply influenced and moved by the resonances generated within the ancient layers of the land around me. Resonances that I am seeking to explore and share with others in order to create new work.

My practice has been developed by theatre and live performance. I produced and directed Equilibre Horse Theatre for 15 years, a company known for its unique and diverse work. Horses were central, their mythic and symbolic presence permeating all the work.

I like to create performances and interventions that are visually led and I am interested in exploring the space that exists between theatre and the visual arts. My work is eclectic; I welcome the synchronicity generated within process, I embrace stitching together a patchwork of ideas to create responses that are textural, detailed and emotional.

Seeking to provoke a reconsideration of the landscape and our place within it, I try to offer a physical experience, drawing the audience in with subtle clues and detail, playing with attentiveness as a strategy for engagement. With the aim of developing new and more binding connections between the audience and the world they live in.

Location: Machynlleth

Projects I’m working on:
Initially trialled for of the 4Oth Anniversary celebrations at the Centre for Alternative Technology in association with the CAT Oral History Archive Project. A sensory and contemplative exploration of the original Llwyngwern Quarry workings focusing on geology, architectural history and ecology. Currently pursuing options to expand this project into an immersive, site-specific theatre piece within the Quarry with a group of creative collaborators.

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