Ffilmic 2014

Film Fun at the Ffilmic Film Festival! All Take 8 films are available to view at: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQi4Oa6wIyldb-Xxg79LD0mEZA6Mwb2LE On Saturday 15th November at Theatr Llwyn, Llanfyllin, Arts Connection – Cyswllt Celf played host to a range of...

Film Literacy 2014

We delivered a film literacy workshop with Grango High School funded by Ffilm Cymru. Dan Fox delivered a session where pupils watched clips from films and analysed them in order to learn the techniques of film making and what makes a good film.  

Ffilmic 2013

On Saturday 16th November 2013 we played host to film makers of all ages. 8 short films were screened to an appreciative audience. The films were made as part of the Ffilmic Take 7 film challenge where entrants had to make a 5 minute film in 10 days. After the films...
Film Literacy 2013

Film Literacy 2013

We ran film literacy workshops with primary schools and secondary schools. For secondary schools we offered two different film literacy workshops: The first was with Tom Middleton and Warren Llewellyn who focused on short films which covered topics around bullying,...
Who Made Marion 2013

Who Made Marion 2013

The spring and summer have been kind to Coipu Film, the loose collection of Arts Connection members making Who Made Marion. The film showcases the work of Arts Connection’s artists as it follows the exploits of Marion on her journey to find the artist in herself. The...

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