The Celebrating Children’s Creativity project has been running for over 10 years now. It allows primary school children to work with professional artists on a range of artistic mediums. Over the past year we have worked with around 20 primary schools across North Powys providing approximately 2,000 participation places. There have been some fantastic and high quality outcomes to the projects in a range of artistic mediums.

A range of artists have worked on the project including Hilary Roberts who worked with a number of schools on ceramics, recycled materials, textiles and enamelling. Graham Roberts helped schools create animations based on their current school topic. Other schools used natural materials, such as willow, with Caroline Lowe to enrich their outdoor spaces. Rosie McConnell brought singing back into the playground while creating some new playground songs. Kinokulture helped one school take a “snapshot” of their school and created a short film. Cordelia Weedon created photo diaries. Nicola Knapton enthralled pupils with making felt pictures. Edna Griffiths also created pictures from felt. Sharon Calder got the pupils re-enacting stories and bringing them to life through an interactive storytelling workshop. Andy Hancock demonstrated to pupils how you can be creative and create something from nothing through found materials around their school.

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