The Cre8 group supports artist networking opportunities for our artist members and beyond through membership on our Facebook group of which there are 48 members. The meetings are often led by an artist who demonstrates or workshops their art practice with the rest of the group which then leads into discussions on project ideas and any news. These sociable meetings are a great opportunity for artists to share practice, meet new artists and support the artistic direction of the organisation through reporting back to the board of trustees.

Events this year have included a puppet making session with Jo Munton where bunraku puppets were made and they worked in groups of three to animate it using silent co-operation. A storytelling session was led by Pauline Bennett who shared some of her techniques and games she uses in the work she does, by the end of the evening a range of new stories had been created and everyone went away inspired. We had a meeting at a pop-up shop in Welshpool to look at ideas of where to exhibit work and we had a great time exploring the Screamin’ Chicken Collective exhibition, sharing which was our favourite art work and which reminded us of our most recent thoughts.

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