Cath Rigler

Arts and drama workshops | Experiential education | Forest School leader

Cath has spent over 20 years in community arts and environmental work, particularly with young people and children, but also working with adult groups e.g. with drugs/mental health support services. Giving individuals a space to play, to explore, to challenge themselves, learn some new skills or just to relax.  I have worked in outdoor activities, TIE, youth work, walkabout/street theatre and woodland management! – I have an MA in contemporary theatre practice, Level 3 Forest School Practitioner and outdoor First Aid /Mental Health First Aid qualifications.

My focus is on the group, and the individual within that group, working together within either drama-based or Forest School- type activities.  So we may be transforming a school with theatre and artwork over a   half-term, or going on a Quest in the woods, or devising a show specific to a youth group’s current issues, or building a woodland ‘home’ and attempting to ‘sell’ it to other group members….. Engaging the imagination and usually allowing sessions to be as participant-led as possible, as soon as possible, while keeping the original vision/aims firmly in mind.

I am a Welsh learner, able to run at least 75% of a session in Welsh – with help from more fluent members of the group, be they fellow workers or participants.  I enjoy working collaboratively and finding creative solutions to challenges, whether that’s a school’s need to help with pupils’ transition to secondary school, or an individual’s personal or work-based challenges.

I am currently working with Dyfi Theatr Playback having helped to train up members of this new company, with Jo Vagabondi on a pirate puppet show, and running various outdoor-based skills/activity/personal development sessions most notably with Tir Coed.

“Wow you talented and dedicated soul, you’re a special one!”

Tir Coed

Project Manager

“One of the best facilitators I’ve ever met”

Workshop Participant

Playback Theatre Introduction Day

“We had the best time of our lives!!”

Year 7 pupil

Report after Forest School sessions

07757 211059

Machynlleth based

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