Film&Media, Youth Theatre & Community Arts

Dux is a vastly experienced workshop leader and performer – from early daze as a performance poet via silent mime and clowning into the realms of Forum Theatre he has picked up skills and honed his craft along the merry way. As a youthwork practioner Dux has amassed a wealth of experience and has won several awards for his dynamic and innovative approach to community arts.

Dux is currently working within the field of Film&Media, Youth Theatre & Community Arts.

Dux is a highly adept groupwork leader and can manifest engaging workshops around almost any theme – he is happy to work with any age group although he is perhaps most effective with children and young people. Using words as a stimulus, using games as a connecting tool and using excercises to free the mind Dux manages to co-create exciting learning opportunities which challenge oppression and promote cohesive communities.

A Haiku :

Let art live and breathe / allow yourself to ponder / yearn for truth and light

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