We had a great performance of It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me funded through the Night Out Scheme.

We had a number of exhibitions at the Youth and Community Centre including:

  • From September – November Llanfyllin High School exhibited Year 7 work of their Chapels project with woven paper
  • Eleanor Humphreys had an exhibition of her art work
  • From December – February we exhibited the Llanfyllin Photo Competition entries
  • From March – April Nina Duckers had an exhibition of her photographs taken in Africa
  • From May – June we had an exhibition consisting of the latest Masquerade season props, artwork and puppetry on their theme of ‘Happy Horror Happenings!’
  • From July we had an exhibition of the work created by Nina Duckers and Courtney Williams who undertook a 24hr Art fundraiser for Arts Connection. During their 24hr of non-stop art, the pair (with the help of the local community) painted, silk screened, dyed, filmed, photographed, created and drew their way through a 24hr period.

We also supported the community in the following ways:

  • We supported a range of music and performance events through hire of our PA
  • We supported a number of young people and artists with hire of our cameras and laptops

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