Jill Impey

Installation | Film | Photography | Print | Participatory Practice

I am a freelance artist working in film, photography and installation; I’m also a director of Participate Contemporary Artspace CIC in Shrewsbury.   My current work, The Beat of the Butterflies’ Wings, is on tour from 2017-19. This inter generational project engages schools and organisations for those 65+, in creative workshops involving a Cabinet of Curiosities and contemporary art works.  The workshop sessions explore participant’s thoughts and experiences in relation to the 100 years of conflict since the First World War, and initiate a conversation about peace.

I am interested in ways in which creative practice, communication and our connection with the natural world affects mental health and well-being.  Adding costume and a performative aspect to my art practice, permits engagement and focus on a profound level. It provides a channel for communication and exploration of sensitive issues, and at the same time invites playfulness and sharing.

My practice is anchored in notions of heritage, migration and cultural identity in relation to place. I open up the role of the artist revealing truths, through notions of shifting borders, boundaries and thresholds; the human communicated through perceptions of the mundane and the beautiful, reality and façade, inclusion and otherness, evolutionary development and the unquantifiable sublime.

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