Phil Lane

Music Producer and Sound Engineer

My earliest memories of music were an obsession with my father’s reel to reel tape recorder (which I still have) its ability to capture sound. Being born the year the Beatles came to fame I was very much influenced by the burgeoning pop and then alter rock scenes. I learnt to read music and play classical recorder to a high standard.

In my early teens I started to record music made by both myself and friends on reel to reel tape recorders which I then bounced back and forth to create more tracks. I also got into DJ’ing and at the tender age of 13 built up my own equipment and started playing at parties. This gave me enough money to feed my passion for recording and music equipment. As a teenager I taught myself to play guitar, keyboards and bass and wrote many songs. I was in a few bands at that time but remained fascinated by recording and production.

After a false start as a computer programmer, I banded together with four other friends and in the eighties bought Horizon Studios, home of the Two Tone artists, in Coventry. We went on to record many albums there. I subsequently trained and work as a solicitor.

I met Jane in 1995, when she turned up at my local folk club with a Roland piano and asked me to carry it in for her. We were married shortly afterwards, and have both been committed to a professional involvement with music ever since, Jane being a long-term songwriter also, as well as classically trained on the piano.

Folk Club at the Boat was a club in Brownhills which we ran for around three years, also organising a related folk festival as a feeder for the Bridgnorth Folk Festival, and producing a highly reviewed Compilation CD of Folk Music which was distributed freely through a folk mag.

Arrival in Llanfyllin

At this point we moved to the more creative and calmer environment of Llanfyllin where we have extended our musical activity both professionally and in community projects. We are primarily involved in music production, songwriting and music development, recording and sound engineering, and do not like to miss an opportunity to develop, assist or encourage the creation of original tracks, something we share with our children, Jenny and Henry, who both play an active role is our professional and social music commitments.


From 2006-9 we established the charity “ Skills Inc”, a primary level music and drama group in Meifod. Through the club we provided workshops and opportunities for the children to develop their own music and instruments, perform, dance and act with regular shows and displays. We also created a CD of poetry readings for Ysgol Meifod School Fund, containing original musical accompaniment. The Meifod Pantomime offered us the opportunity to play live in a band set-up, and we produced and performed music for this event over three years.

Llanfyllin Projects

In 2008 we became involved in the Llanfyllin Young Farmers Club, where I have now become a Group Leader, and for three years we have undertaken the production and provision of the entire musical score for the shows and pantomimes. We have enjoyed the opportunity to have our music performed live by willing and talented volunteers.

We have usually been happy to provide sound equipment and, more importantly, engineering on a regular basis for school events, municipal events, and competitions, and continue to actively encourage and sponsor the development of musical creativity, by providing opportunities for young songwriters to have their music heard.

The Workhouse Festivals and Parties have also offered us the opportunity to contribute sound engineering equipment and expertise on a regular small and large scale with many impressive line-ups.

Open Mic Nights

In recent times, various pubs and hotels have been kind enough to host a monthly Open Mic for us. Through this facility, we regularly invite singers and musicians of all types to perform their music in both English and Welsh with free sound engineering and also piano and bass backing where required. We also allow high calibre vocalists to perform to backing tracks, as the idea is to make the events as inclusive as possible. This has brought us into contact with a very wide variety of performers we might not otherwise have met, and we even look forward to the possibility of performing ourselves on occasions! The idea is to bring talents from outside the area to perform at the night in an attempt to develop more links between musicians and widen the ever growing music scene in the area.

We make no charge for entry or performance at Open Mic.

Phone        01691 649044

Mobile   07792 293 407

Email   beehouse”at”

Address      Craignant, Llanfyllin Powys, SY225JG


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