Storytelling & Shadow Shows

Workshops – Puppet making / Animation

Learn to perform your own shadow puppet show.

We provide workshops for schools, small groups and special events. Firstly, we decide on a story then focus on the main characters and scenes which are then sketched on paper. Templates are made and once we are happy with them, we cut out the separate pieces – arms, legs, head etc. These are all put together with string, which are then attached to long rods that are used to control the movement of the puppet. The puppets are held between a screen and a light.  The ‘audience’ on the other side see the moving shadows.

This is a great way to share stories. Informative & fun.

All materials are provided. Maximum group size is 8.

Suitable for ages 7+


Tell a Vision have created a wonderful combination of storytelling with shadow puppets. This is a unique, ancient form of storytelling and is the oldest type of puppetry in the world. This style of entertainment began thousands of years ago; before televisions and computers were invented. Even before Jackanory, Tales of the Unexpected and Netflix. The magic comes from you, the audience, to believe in the shadows and let the story come to life.

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