Niall Evans

The over- riding aim of all my work is to ensure that music and movement are seen as an integral part of life, open to all and available to all to develop their creativity and self- expression.


I have worked with groups of young people aged 2 through to older people aged 70, seeking to enrich their experiences through contact with music and movement. Some are content to listen and absorb, whereas others wish to take a more active part.


The services I am able to provide:


  • percussion activities- tuned and untuned instruments
  • voice workshops- vocalisation, self- expression, songwriting, performance
  • dance workshops- World Music, Jazz, self- expression



Currently I am working on the following projects:


  • sound stories of Montgomeryshire landmarks
  • photo music or music photos- composing new music to stand alongside photos of emotions (arts and health project)
  • the setting of various poems in Welsh and English to music and movement, to create multi- dimensional experiences for the audience/ listener/ onlooker/ participant

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